Ethereum (ETH) Fails to Show Strength over this Week

Ethereum has not been at its best over the last seven days, and it has made an overall loss of 1.63%. The price trend of ETH coin can be divided into three major price swings in the range of 191.5 USD and 178.4 USD.

Ethereum Price Analysis

ETH opened the week at 183.36 USD, and the first variation happened by November 10, and this variation added 4.44% value to the Ethereum price and pushed it to 191.50 USD. At 16:15 UTC, it started weakening and lost 4.64% to touch 182.64 USD by 15:20 UTC on November 12. The last variation happened between November 13 & 15, and in these 2 days, Ethereum lost 5.34% of the value and got placed at 178.40 USD, the lowest point of the week.

The market cap of Ethereum has also been down in these seven days. On November 9, the market cap was at 20.074 billion USD, and now it has fallen to 19.672 billion USD.

ETH Price Chart

Ethereum’s 20 days MA is 180.31 USD, and its 50-days MA is at 180.07 USD. Ethereum’s next support may come at 177 USD.

Resistance and Support Levels

R1- $184.72, R2- $188.92, R3- $ 191.59

S1- $177.85, S2- $175.18, S3- $170.98

Ethereum (ETH) Reflects Stability Despite Current Market Volatility

Ethereum price movement has been rotating around $182 for the last three months. In last 90 days, the coin touched a high at $222 and a low at $157. With such tremendous digits on the chart, it would become very hard for a cryptocurrency to maintain the momentum, but Ethereum achieved the same.

Ethereum Price Prediction

ETH coin started dealing with $173.145 on September 01, 2019. The price escalated to $221.61 by 28.56% hike. Ethereum price couldn’t hold for a long period and fell to $162.44 by 26.70%. The coin to $183.62 and closed the day. The entire month reflected an escalation of 6.06%. In October, the ETH coin opened with a fall of 7.96%. The price counters moved from $183.62 to $168.72 by 7.96%. Later, the price surged to $192.09 by 13.85%. Then, a tremendous fall brought the price of Ethereum to $153. The regression marked was 20.21%. There was another escalation that took the coin to $198 by 29.80%. The last few days of the month brought the ETH coin price to $183.05 again. The movement marked during the month reflected 0.24% progression. The ongoing month began with a slight escalation of 5.92%. The counters moved from $183.05 to $193.88. Later, the price slipped and touched $182.31.

Ethereum Price

Ethereum is currently dealing at $182.31. According to the resistance and support levels given below, the coin has crossed the immediate support level and trading at the next support level. The market pressure can take the ETH coin to a major support level.

Resistance Level Price
R1 $188.09
R2 $190.18
R3 $191.73
Support Level Price
S1 $184.45
S2 $182.9
S3 $180.81

However, Ethereum still holds the possibility of a price surge in the coming days. The traders interested in the coin are recommended to dig-in for long-term period. The same would give the desired result to the traders.

Ethereum (ETH) Freezes Around $182 Since the Last 3 Months

Ethereum price movement has registered many meticulous occasions. There were days when the entire market was suffering, but the coin managed to keep the high or at least stability. Recently, the market has been getting badly affected. The ETH coin was also seen coming under the pressure and, hence, dropping.

However, from the last 3-months, Ethereum has managed to pick up and move at a moderate level. Let’s check out the Ethereum price chart of last 3 months:

ETH to USD Price Chart

Ethereum (ETH) Forecast

ETH price started dealing at $172.55 on September 01. The escalation in the price took the coin to $185.20 by 7.35%. Later, the currency reflected upsurge and went to $223.13 by 20.48%. Ethereum price couldn’t hold for a long time and fell to $153 by 31.72%. The price surged to $185.20 by 21.01% and closed the month. The month reflected a growth of 7.23%. In October, the price of Ethereum started falling in the first few hours. The counters moved from $185.20 to $169.40 by 8.53%.

Later, the escalation in the price took ETH to $196.05 by 15.69%. The price felt heavy pullback that brought the coin to $160.69 by 8.52%. The same was followed by heavy escalation that took the ETH price back to $198.62 by 23.59%. The price slipped to $183 and closed the month. The ongoing month started at $183.01, which moved to $191.53 by 4.65%. The current price of Ethereum is $185.60.

Ethereum Price Prediction

Ethereum is might be seen registering moderate loss on the intraday chart. The currency is floating near the immediate support level at 184. If the pressure increases, Ethereum is expected to fall to the next support level too. However, in the long run, Ethereum is anticipated to have a great future. The currency is known for giving flourishing results. The traders interested in ETH are recommended to go for long-term investment.

Ethereum (ETH) Still Holds the Possibility of Improvement

Ethereum price is currently reflecting uptrend. The coin might breach the immediate resistance level at $188 in a few hours. The traders who have invested in ETH coin in the past must be aware of the movement. The coin is speculated to improve in the coming days and touch the astounding highs. The investment in Ethereum isn’t likely to go futile.

Ethereum Price Prediction

In January, the ETH coin started dealing at $153.55. The price fell to $110.45 by 28.39% by the end of the month. In February, the price of Ethereum surged to $139.18 by 25.12%. In March, the price moved to $142.15 by 2.14%. The first quarter reflected an 8.01% loss in the price. The second quarter brought upsurge in the ETH coin. In April, the price escalated to $167.92 by 18.12%. The uptrend continued, and the price jumped to $266.51 by 58.12% hike. In June, the escalation took Ethereum price to $293.26 by 36.85%. The aggregate upsurge in second quarter was 103.48%.

Ethereum Price

In July, Ethereum shifted to $218.45 and marked 25.17% regression. In August, the fall remains intact and shifted to $173.37 by 20.64%. In September, the price remained tight around $177. In the third quarter, the price reflected a 38.61% fall. The current quarter is pointing towards the moderate uptrend. In last month, the ETH price surged from $177.82 to $182.78 by 2.79%. The current price of Ethereum is $187.06.

The coin is known for giving the best result to the traders. Hence, the currency is counted among the top performers of the market. In the last three quarters, the market has faced a lot of ups and downs, but Ethereum has managed to keep the price above from where it started the year. The future prospect of the coin is great. We are anticipating that the currency would give best result to the long term traders. 

Coinbase UK Has Finally Made Settlement With The Victim of Email Phishing Attack

After two months, UK based cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has finally made the settlement with the man who lost Bitcoins worth million dollars in an email phishing attack. The man whose Bitcoins were stolen was the CEO of Alphabit Fund, Liam Robertson. According to the reports, Coinbase UK had made an undisclosed settlement with Liam to drop the legal dispute.

Reports suggested this happened when Liam agreed to invest some of his Bitcoins (100 Bitcoins to be specific, which worth almost 1.1 million dollars) into an algorithmic trading fund. All seems to be a good investment to Liam, though what he didn’t know was that all this was part of hackers plan who tricked Liam to send the amount directly to hackers wallet.

Hackers have already hacked the email account of the firm, Liam was willing to invest. This was part of the spear-phishing attack. Though, thanks to the blockchain technology, investigators soon find out what happened to the stolen bitcoins.

According to the investigation, 80 of those Bitcoins were sent to a digital wallet at Coinbase. Another 15 stolen Bitcoins were sent to the local exchange and the remaining five are deposited into an offline wallet. Apart from that, Liam has also received the Bankers Trust Order, to identify the owner of digital wallet at Coinbase, in which 80 stolen Bitcoins are kept.

Thanks to the blockchain technology, after knowing what happened to the stolen Bitcoins, court-ordered Coinbase not to transfer the stolen cryptocurrency.

Unknowingly, Liam and this case of stolen cryptocurrency have made the courts in England and Wales to treat Bitcoin as property. This way, the country might be able to fight against the cases of stolen Bitcoins.

DTCC And Accenture Published An 8 Pointer DLT- GmMGovernance Model

DTCC and Accenture have published a white paper to elaborate DLT Governance Model (DLT-GM) for operating and maintaining a DLT platform with eight functional areas.

Accenture (Major global professional Services) and The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC), which ventures into market infrastructure for the global financial services industry, published a white paper recently. The White paper proposes a DLT governance model for operating and managing DLT networks with the involved risks during operations.

DLT Model Enclosures:

The Model consists of an 8 pointer detailed description about the tasks and critical functions involved in operation and upkeep of the DLT platform.

It mentions governing majors for the users, which affects connectivity, contractual agreements, transactional finality, and software alterations while using the network.

The model proposed in the paper directs the responsibilities and critical functions in operating and maintaining a DLT platform. It will include a governing function to make decisions that will affect connectivity, activity, contractual settlements, software alterations and transaction finality for a participant over the network.

According to Robert Palatnick, Chief Technology Architect, DTCC,

“Distributed ledger technology, with its built-in consistency, security, and privacy, holds great promise to transform the digital landscape, but DLT’s potential will only be realized with the implementation of a strong and transparent governing model.”

The model elaborates eight functional areas as below:

A) Data Governance: It includes new concepts about participant entitlement, confidentiality models, and also reference data control.

B) Runtime operations: It includes regular implementation of major run book operations like monitoring, reporting, etc.

C) Governance: It provides management of highest risk, error control factors, and strategic decision-making functions for the network users along with four areas of responsibility.

D) Legal and Finance: It addresses many issues, including vendors and various risk factors like patent risk, license risk, etc.

E) Infrastructure: It includes core network management issues and defining of ownership responsibilities for operations.

F) Third-Party Management: It covers supervisory functions assigned to the network.

G) Platform Management: It describes an ecosystem version of the traditional model of application development, designed to support the multilayered DLT platform.

H) Participant Lifecycle: It covers all management aspects of a new onboard member and his interactions in the network.

The model is said to be the critical component of DTCC’s Trade Information Warehouse (TIW) enterprise to switch from the current system to DLT leveraging cloud.

Microsoft signs a new deal with SK Telecom

The software giant is yet again in the news, now for signing a partnership agreement with SK Telecom, the largest telecom company in South Korea. As per the sources of SK Telecom, Microsoft has signed the later to operate as an exclusive partner for its cloud base gaming services called Project xCloud over 5G in South Korea.

To keep up the public excitement, Microsoft has decided to start public previewing of the Project xCloud gaming services from October 2019, to only the selected SK Telecom’s 5G or LTE subscribers. Microsoft is currently aiming at trailing phone-based versions of the gaming services but has not come up with the exact previewing plans as of now. It may come up with more details about the xCloud efforts at the Surface Hardware meet to be held in the New York City on 2nd October 2019. Microsoft is trying to combat the latency issues with the help of technological advancements and video encoding/decoding.

Microsoft and SK Telecom plans for thorough testing of the game streaming in the South Korean market to ensure that the customers are fully satisfied with this new venture that Microsoft is launching in partnership with SK Telecom.

The Vice President of SK Telecom, Ryu Young-sang, is quite pleased with this deal and he was quoted saying about this several times in the interviews. He also added, “by combining our 5G competitiveness with Microsoft’s strength in Cloud gaming, we expect to give the customers a new level of gaming experience”. He sounded very confident about this venture which can be proved only until next month.

xCloud streams very well in 5G network and once the network comes out globally with mm-wave, the customers will get to experience latency reductions as promised, which will yet again benefit the various cloud gaming services.

IOTA Price Analysis: IOTA prices decline by 2.26% since yesterday, bearish run to continue for few more days.

IOTA was priced at $0.25 on 20-Aug-19 at 00:00 UTC, slowly the price of the coin started to decline and reached as low as $0.23 on 21-Aug-19 at 12:00 UTC. Since 21-Aug-19 the coin has managed to gradually rise upwards. For the next 2 days, the movement of the coin was almost at the same pace. With a sharp rise in price on 25-Aug-19, the coin reached $0.27 at 09:00 UTC. However, from the past 2 days, the trend of the coin at the moment reflects that it is declining downwards. IOTA can be traded today in the range of $0.26 and $0.27.

Price comparison of IOTA coin is as mentioned below:

Current Data of the coin:

  • Ranking of the IOTA coin as on 27-Aug-19 is at number 18.
  • As per 07:30 UTC today, the market cost of the coin was 730,775,467 USD.
  • The price of IOTA coin is $0.26 at 07:43 UTC.
  • 24-hour volume numbers are $5,562,874
  • 2,779,530,283 coins of IOTA are being circulated.
  • The coin offers an ROI of -58.73%.

IOTA Price Evaluation and Long Term prediction:

If we analyze the price of IOTA since the time it reached an all-time high of the last week which was $0.27 on 25-Aug-19 at 09:00 UTC and the current price, IOTA indicates a bearish movement by around 3.7%.

We anticipate that the bears will continue to dominate the coin and IOTA may reach around $0.25 by the end of the day tomorrow. After about few days IOTA may be traded in the range of $0.26 to $0.27.


Over the past week, the coin has been traded in the range of $0.25 and $0.27. We recommended to sell the IOTA coins today, or you can go ahead and also purchase new coins, it is as per your discretion. The MACD indicator points that the IOTA coin is moving downwards.

NEO continues to records 1% uptrend trading above $9

Alt heading: NEO may start trading above $10 next week onwards

Meta description:

Start investing in NEO token till the price as low as the coin may gain pace anytime and may go bullish in the coming week by rising up to $12.

Main article:

  • NEO end the week on a good note with new partnerships and surging trends
  • NEO may kick off the next week on a higher note trading above $11

It has been a good week and a week of rejoicing for NEO traders as the firm announced partnership with gumi Cryptos Inc to focus on technological advancements. The collaboration has come at the right time when the coin needed a push to roll over $10 and start trading above it permanently. The current market performance may improve drastically in the coming days and may increase NEO popularity by leaps and bounds.

NEO Price Statistics:

As on August 24, 2019, at 09:13:54 UTC, the price of NEO token is noted to be $9.85, and it is now moving upwards. Although the coin is still at an uptrend of over 1.4% since yesterday’s starting price at $9.71 it has fallen slightly down after rising up to $10.05 yesterday. NEO may further gain some pace and move up to $10 again by the end of the day.

  • The price of NEO token is now $9.85 and 0.00097127 BTC
  • The market cap of the coin has reached $694,253,336
  • The 24 h volume of the coin is $229,617,847
  • The ROI of the coin is noted to be 5,332.91%
  • The circulating supply is now 70,538,831 NEO

In the last 30 days, the highest recorded value of NEO token was $12.66, and in the last 7 days it was $10.17. The coin may cross $10.17 target to trade between $10 and $11 in the next week.

NEO Price Prediction:

NEO has been one of the best cryptos in this year with consistent upward performance. The market now expects the coin to come out of the slow trends and it may happen soon enough given the firm is investing largely on bringing on new partners onboard. NEO may close the year trading above $15 and may head towards $50 target by early next year.


Bulk investments in the NEO token is the best decision to make as the coin may go profitable from this weekend and may remain so till the next week.

EOS Price Analysis: EOS prices down by 10% since past 3 days, next few days can be crucial for the coin.

On 26-July-19, EOS was priced at $4.44 at 03:40 UTC time. On the same day, it rose as high as $4.75 at 00:15 UTC time. At about 10:30 UTC on the same day, the coin witnessed a very sharp fall and prices fell to $4.30. Post 27-July-19 the prices of the coin have seen a downward trend with prices falling as low as $3.87 on 28-July-19. However, it seems to have gathered some momentum and has managed to rise to $4.26. The next few days and weeks will be crucial for the coin considering the manner in which it has performed over the past 5 days.

EOS price comparison is as given below:

Current Data of EOS:

  • Ranking of EOS is stable at number 8.
  • As per 07:00 UTC time today, market value of the coin was 3,946,275,710 USD.
  • EOS is valued at $4.26 at 07:17 UTC time.
  • 24-hour volume figures are $1,424,201,622
  • 925,465,399 EOS coins in circulation.
  • EOS offers a ROI of 312.64%.

EOS Price Comparison and Future prediction:

Comparing the price of the coin since 27-Jul-19 wherein the price was high as $4.75 at 00:15 UTC time and the current prices, the coin is reflecting a bearish trend by 10%.

We anticipate that EOS may continue to fall by tomorrow as well and may reach around $4.21. After about a week or so, the coin can be traded in the range of $4.4 and $4.65. However, it may take couple of more months for the coin to reach as high as its previous best of $4.75.


You may sell the coins as per the current trend noticed. Short term trading on the coin can also be done since there has not been any drastic fall as such in the prices of the coin. Despite the sharp falls, the coin has managed to rise upwards and over the past 3 days, the coin has managed to really up its performance levels and has reached $4.26.EOS has great potential ahead and by the next year it is expected to reach around $5.68 with more than 34% growth. All said and done, we truly believe that the coin will sooner or later bring back its efficiency levels in the coming times and continue to be great investment option to all its investors.