Ethereum Price May Succumb Further to Bears

Ethereum (ETH) price evaluation over the previous few days shows the dominance of the bears on the currency. A 3% drop was shown at the start of the month. Still, ETH coin managed to dive up and reach $152.76 the same day. Then, the currency continued to be traded around $152 till December 1, 2019. After that, the Ethereum price was dropped to $148.30. While writing this analysis, the coin continued to remain downwards.

Ethereum Price Prediction:

If we look at today’s price trend of Ethereum, it is reflecting a downward movement by 1.64%. ETH price is going to further fall in a few hours and can reach close to its next support $143. The previous five days’ performance has been quite haphazard with several drastic rises and falls. You may purchase new ETH coins or hold the existing ones as per the trend noticed today.

Ethereum (ETH) Price Chart

Ethereum (ETH) Initiates Price Recovery After Massive Price Decline

  • Ethereum price movement embarks impressive recovery from last few days
  • The month-long movement hangs with a 16% loss

Ethereum price is recovering with impressive speed. The traders are spotted taking a sign of relief and eyeing for a higher level. The investor might be getting the anticipated return, but there is also a possibility of heavy volatility. In the month-long run of ETH, the coin was spotted trading downwards at high speed, but later, the currency started price recovery.

Ethereum Price Analysis

A month ago, ETH price was dealing at $185.06. The price remained at the same level for someday which later led to an upsurge. The price jumped to $194.91 from $181.41 by 7.52%. The pullback brought the Ethereum price to $181.95 by 6.65%. Then, the price jumped to $187 by 5.35%. The coin again locked itself, and this time also around $185. The price slipped to $134.84 from $180 by a massive fall of 24.64%. Ethereum price recovered lately and reached to $157.39 by 16.23%.

Ethereum Price

Ethereum is currently dealing at $155.13. The intraday trading seems secured as the coin is moving towards the immediate resistance level at $157.39. However, if the momentum reverses, ETH coin would find immediate support around $146.83. Ethereum is a result-oriented coin. The future holds a flourishing return. Hence, we would recommend the traders to pick long-term investment. The specified period would bring the desired results.

Will Ethereum (ETH) Be Controlled by the Bears Further?

On August 28, 2019, Ethereum was trading at $187.43. Then, on September 19, 2019, the coin recorded an almost 32% hike when it was traded at the highest price of $222.25. September 24, 2019, the coin was a witness to a sharp fall due to which the price reached $158.96. Despite the rise, the ETH price fell again and was valued $158.24. From there, it marked 23.37% growth within 3 days. The present situation indicates bears to maintain dominance over the currency.

Ethereum Price Prediction:

If we compare Ethereum’s price since November 21, 2019, when it was $174.75, today it is showing a negative trend of almost 17%. It can remain with the same trend and get traded around its next support $145.10 in some time.

Strongly recommend to hold the existing coins as per the trend noticed. If we look at the past 3-month’s performance of Ethereum, it has been a mixed one as the coin has not been able to maintain its consistency when it was rising. The overall drop in ETH price for the past 3 months is 14.47%. The currency has the potential to grow and evolve in the long run.

Ethereum (ETH) Price Chart

Ethereum (ETH) Records 16% Fall in a Week-long Run

Ethereum was registering moderate movement at the beginning of the week. The market pressure was created in the middle of the week. The same brought the currency down to an unexpected level. The coin is again spotted uphill. The said uptrend might be short-lived.

In the last 7-days, the ETH coin was seen dealing as high as $178.99 and as low as $133.80. The volume marked on November 20 was $7,205,785,149 and today it is at $8,737,404,339. The shift in the counters is due to a heavy pullback in Ethereum.

Ethereum Price Analysis

Ethereum Price

Ethereum began the week at $176.30. The price shifted to $174.94 by the day’s end and marked 0.78% regression. On November 21, the coin slipped to $162.11 by 7.33%. The ETH price dropped to $149.70 by 7.65% on November 22. On the next day, the currency escalated to $153.30 by 2.40%. On November 24, the fall remained intact, and the Ethereum price slipped to $140.80 by 8.15%. On November 25, the price moved from $140.80 to $147.17. The day marked a low at $133. The same is recorded as 90-day price in Ethereum. Today, the coin is locked around $147.17.

ETH price is speculated to give great results in the future. The currency is likely to embark upsurge soon. The latest price crash must have shaken the traders, but they can expect better return in some time. Intraday trading in Ethereum is anticipated to remain moderate. The price seems to hang between immediate resistance level and immediate support level. Ethereum is suggested for long-term traders.

Ethereum Price Plummet Marks 24% on Week-long Run

Ethereum (ETH), along with Bitcoin, Ripple, and many others are dealing at extreme lower level. The same is due to the heavy pressure scattered in the market. The traders are eagerly waiting for some growth, which seems to take place in some time. The traders interested in ETH coin needs be patient for gaining better returns. In the past 7-days, the price was spotted dealing as high as $184.74 and as low as $133.80.

Ethereum Price Analysis

ETH price movement is reflecting the tremendous loss in weekly chart. The coin started the week at $178. On November 19, the price closed at $177 with 0.51% loss. The fall continued and dropped to $175 by 1.03%. The downtrend remained intact and took the price of Ethereum to $175.59 by 1.03% on November 20. On the next day, the price counters moved from $175 to $162 and registered 7.66% loss. There was similar movement observed on next day that brought the ETH coin price to $150.76. On November 23, the coin remained tight around $151. Yesterday, the price took Ethereum to $139. Today, it is dealing at 90-day low. The price counter has recently touched $134.

Ethereum Price

From the above-given chart, we can observe that the ETH coin is not indicating any sign of improvement. The pressure is speculated to remain in the market for some time. Intraday trading seems quite dull today. Ethereum is dealing below the support level at $135. There is a high possibility for the coin to drop the major support level.

Ethereum is generally suggested for long-term investors. The same is speculated to give optimum results to the traders. However, this wouldn’t be the perfect time for investment. The traders are recommended to hold for some time.

Ethereum (ETH) Exhibits 6% Loss in Month-long Run

The crypto market is spotted moving hastily at the moment. The price crashes are taking the coins to a much lower level than anticipated. The traders in the market are disappointed. They are looking forward to the improvement and are eyeing upon the top players like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, etc. Ethereum is currently shattered by the market trend. There is a strong possibility for the coin to slip to a lower level too.

Ethereum Price Analysis:

ETH coin started the month at $160. The price escalated to $198 by 24.18% in a few days. The last couple of days in the coin brought a downtrend of 8.13% and touched $182. The coin escalated to $194 at the beginning of November. The progression was 6.02%. The coin started falling henceforth. The counters dropped to $184, then $183, and finally to $139 by 5.29%, 0.53%, and 23.58%, respectively. The price of Ethereum escalated to $151 by 3% and is currently positioned at $149. 

Ethereum Price Chart

As per the above-given chart, the fall in the Ethereum price is tremendous. It would take some time for the coin to come out and shine. The traders expecting early recovery will have to wait. For intraday trading, ETH coin is spotted slowly sliding to the next support level at $148.84. The coin is currently at $149.

Resistance Level Price
R1 $171.99
R2 $ 182.52
R3 $ 188.83
Support Level Price
S1 $ 155.15
S2 $148.84
S3 $138.31

Ethereum is recommended for long-term investors as it is likely to give flourishing results by then. However, the traders are highly suggested to stay put as the current market condition is not favorable for investment.

Ethereum (ETH) is Vulnerable Against Further Misfortunes

$195.43 was Ethereum’s trading price on August 23, 2019, with upward momentum. Soon after, there was a downfall of 15% on August 29, 2019.

ETH coin managed to gain some pace and showed growth by 31.49% dated September 19, 2019 with price being $221.65. 22.99% growth was shown by Ethereum between last few days of September and mid of October. However, bears got back their control and continue to dominate it.


Ethereum Price Analysis:

If we look at the recent declining movement of ETH coin, it recorded 17.13% drop as compared to the price of November 17. As per the current trend noticed, It may fall further shortly and get traded at its next support $150.

It is your wish to purchase few ETH coins. Bears have majorly controlled the coin over the past 3 months. Ethereum has a very good roadmap further for this year, and prices are expected to splurge soon.

Ethereum (ETH) Descend by 3% During Month-Long Movement

Ethereum’s price movement has been satisfactory for the traders. However, in recent days, the currency is disappointing. The coin is under extreme market pressure is showing no sign of improvement.

In the last 30-days, the ETH coin price moved from $174 to $169. During the same period, the coin touched a high of $195.94 USD and a low at $157.46.

Ethereum Price Prediction

Ethereum Price

The monthly movement in Ethereum started at $174. The coin dropped to $153 by 12.53%. The price escalated in the later hours and reached $197 by 28.72%. The currency dropped immediately after the same and touched $176 by 11.26%. Further, the price escalated to $191 by 9.8%. The coin fell to $182 by 4.67%. The coin closed the month at $182. The currency started improving during the first few days of November. The price jumped to $192 from $181 by 6.43%. Later, the Ethereum price fell to $182 by 5.11%. Further, the coin slipped to $177 from $189 by 6.30%. The downtrend continued and took the ETH coin to $169 from $186 by 9.39%.

As per the latest statistics, the Ethereum price is trading at $169. The coin has violated the immediate support level at $174, the next support level at $172, and the major support level at $170. The chances of improvement in Ethereum seems very thin.

Ethereum (ETH) Grew by 3.15% Over the Last Month

The last month’s price movement of Ethereum has been full of unprecedented moves and huge fluctuations. Over this volatility, ETH coin has made a 3.15% hike in the value that took it to 177 USD from 172 USD. The price movement pattern can be divided into three major price swings over these last 30 days.

Ethereum Price Analysis

ETH’s price was at 172.05 USD on October 20, and it could lift its value by 15.95% to add 27.45 USD and reached 199.50 USD on October 26. This makes the highest point of the day. It was followed by a freefall of 11.08% that cost it 22.11 USD and placed the price of Ethereum at 177.39 USD by November 01. The last variation happened between November 06 & 18, and in these 12 days, Ethereum lost 10.43% value and got placed at 173.56 USD from 193.76 USD.


On October 20, the market cap of ETH coin was 18.997 billion USD, and over these last 30 days, it has been increased to 19.559 billion USD. It should be noted that as the value against USD, Ethereum’s market cap also has been full of fluctuations.

ETH’s 20 days and 50 days MAs are 177.83 USD and 180.50 USD, respectively. The current value of Ethereum is below both the moving averages. It hints at not so good days ahead for the coin. As per our prediction, Ethereum price may fall to the support of 174 USD soon.

Resistance and Support Levels

R1- $185.2666667, R2- $189.9733333, R3- $193.0166667

S1- $177.5166667, S2- $174.4733333, S3- $169.7666667

Ethereum (ETH) Rallies 22% During Year-Long Run

Ethereum is in its last quarter, and the first three quarters were power packed for the coin. The traders who have invested in the ETH must be aware of the movement in the coin. The currency is said to have great potential. The same has created a lot of loyal traders of the coin. Recently, Ethereum has started trading in a lower range. Yesterday, Ethereum was seen touching a high at $188.19 and a low at $182.34.

ETH/USD Price Chart

Ethereum Price

The above chart is reflecting that Ethereum is dealing in profit despite a heavy fall that started in July. In January, the price of ETH coin reflected downtrend of 25.30% as the price counters moved from $148 to $110. In February, Ethereum price started improving. There was a progression of 24.86% as the price touched $138. In March, the price touched $145 by 5.11%. The currency improved in April and touched $173. The escalation registered was 18.80%. In May, Ethereum jumped to $276 by a massive hike of 62.14%. The uptrend remained intact in June, and the price was seen touching $292 by 5.86%.

The downtrend started in July as the price dropped to $217 by 26.54%. The trend continued in the next month, too, and Ethereum price touched $170 with a loss of 21.61%. In September, ETH coin registered a recovery of 9.39% as the price reached $186. In October, the price dropped to $177 by 5%. In the ongoing month Ethereum has passed 18 days and brought recovery of 3.12%. The current price of Ethereum is $184.

Ethereum Price Prediction

Ethereum was seen touching astounding figures in July. From the third quarter, the coin started falling as the market was seen under huge pressure. The same affected the coin at large. However, analysts are quite positive that the currency would improve in the future.

For intraday traders, the current price is slightly tilted towards the immediate support level. There is a slight possibility that the coin might recover soon. The traders interested in the coin are recommended to opt for long-term investment to gain huge returns.

Resistance Level Price Support Level Price
R1 $188 S1 $182
R2 $191 S2 $179
R3 $193 S3 $176