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Ethereum Price May Succumb Further to Bears

Ethereum (ETH) price evaluation over the previous few days shows the dominance of the bears on the currency. A 3% drop was shown at the start of the month. Still, ETH coin managed to dive up and reach $152.76 the same day. Then, the currency continued to be traded around $152 till December 1, 2019. After that, the Ethereum price was dropped to $148.30. While writing this analysis, the coin continued to remain downwards.

Ethereum Price Prediction:

If we look at today’s price trend of Ethereum, it is reflecting a downward movement by 1.64%. ETH price is going to further fall in a few hours and can reach close to its next support $143. The previous five days’ performance has been quite haphazard with several drastic rises and falls. You may purchase new ETH coins or hold the existing ones as per the trend noticed today.

Ethereum (ETH) Price Chart

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