• Ethereum price movement embarks impressive recovery from last few days
  • The month-long movement hangs with a 16% loss

Ethereum price is recovering with impressive speed. The traders are spotted taking a sign of relief and eyeing for a higher level. The investor might be getting the anticipated return, but there is also a possibility of heavy volatility. In the month-long run of ETH, the coin was spotted trading downwards at high speed, but later, the currency started price recovery.

Ethereum Price Analysis

A month ago, ETH price was dealing at $185.06. The price remained at the same level for someday which later led to an upsurge. The price jumped to $194.91 from $181.41 by 7.52%. The pullback brought the Ethereum price to $181.95 by 6.65%. Then, the price jumped to $187 by 5.35%. The coin again locked itself, and this time also around $185. The price slipped to $134.84 from $180 by a massive fall of 24.64%. Ethereum price recovered lately and reached to $157.39 by 16.23%.

Ethereum Price

Ethereum is currently dealing at $155.13. The intraday trading seems secured as the coin is moving towards the immediate resistance level at $157.39. However, if the momentum reverses, ETH coin would find immediate support around $146.83. Ethereum is a result-oriented coin. The future holds a flourishing return. Hence, we would recommend the traders to pick long-term investment. The specified period would bring the desired results.

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