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Ethereum (ETH) Freezes Around $182 Since the Last 3 Months

Ethereum price movement has registered many meticulous occasions. There were days when the entire market was suffering, but the coin managed to keep the high or at least stability. Recently, the market has been getting badly affected. The ETH coin was also seen coming under the pressure and, hence, dropping.

However, from the last 3-months, Ethereum has managed to pick up and move at a moderate level. Let’s check out the Ethereum price chart of last 3 months:

ETH to USD Price Chart

Ethereum (ETH) Forecast

ETH price started dealing at $172.55 on September 01. The escalation in the price took the coin to $185.20 by 7.35%. Later, the currency reflected upsurge and went to $223.13 by 20.48%. Ethereum price couldn’t hold for a long time and fell to $153 by 31.72%. The price surged to $185.20 by 21.01% and closed the month. The month reflected a growth of 7.23%. In October, the price of Ethereum started falling in the first few hours. The counters moved from $185.20 to $169.40 by 8.53%.

Later, the escalation in the price took ETH to $196.05 by 15.69%. The price felt heavy pullback that brought the coin to $160.69 by 8.52%. The same was followed by heavy escalation that took the ETH price back to $198.62 by 23.59%. The price slipped to $183 and closed the month. The ongoing month started at $183.01, which moved to $191.53 by 4.65%. The current price of Ethereum is $185.60.

Ethereum Price Prediction

Ethereum is might be seen registering moderate loss on the intraday chart. The currency is floating near the immediate support level at 184. If the pressure increases, Ethereum is expected to fall to the next support level too. However, in the long run, Ethereum is anticipated to have a great future. The currency is known for giving flourishing results. The traders interested in ETH are recommended to go for long-term investment.

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