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Ethereum Price Plummet Marks 24% on Week-long Run

Ethereum (ETH), along with Bitcoin, Ripple, and many others are dealing at extreme lower level. The same is due to the heavy pressure scattered in the market. The traders are eagerly waiting for some growth, which seems to take place in some time. The traders interested in ETH coin needs be patient for gaining better returns. In the past 7-days, the price was spotted dealing as high as $184.74 and as low as $133.80.

Ethereum Price Analysis

ETH price movement is reflecting the tremendous loss in weekly chart. The coin started the week at $178. On November 19, the price closed at $177 with 0.51% loss. The fall continued and dropped to $175 by 1.03%. The downtrend remained intact and took the price of Ethereum to $175.59 by 1.03% on November 20. On the next day, the price counters moved from $175 to $162 and registered 7.66% loss. There was similar movement observed on next day that brought the ETH coin price to $150.76. On November 23, the coin remained tight around $151. Yesterday, the price took Ethereum to $139. Today, it is dealing at 90-day low. The price counter has recently touched $134.

Ethereum Price

From the above-given chart, we can observe that the ETH coin is not indicating any sign of improvement. The pressure is speculated to remain in the market for some time. Intraday trading seems quite dull today. Ethereum is dealing below the support level at $135. There is a high possibility for the coin to drop the major support level.

Ethereum is generally suggested for long-term investors. The same is speculated to give optimum results to the traders. However, this wouldn’t be the perfect time for investment. The traders are recommended to hold for some time.

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