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Ethereum (ETH) Grew by 3.15% Over the Last Month

The last month’s price movement of Ethereum has been full of unprecedented moves and huge fluctuations. Over this volatility, ETH coin has made a 3.15% hike in the value that took it to 177 USD from 172 USD. The price movement pattern can be divided into three major price swings over these last 30 days.

Ethereum Price Analysis

ETH’s price was at 172.05 USD on October 20, and it could lift its value by 15.95% to add 27.45 USD and reached 199.50 USD on October 26. This makes the highest point of the day. It was followed by a freefall of 11.08% that cost it 22.11 USD and placed the price of Ethereum at 177.39 USD by November 01. The last variation happened between November 06 & 18, and in these 12 days, Ethereum lost 10.43% value and got placed at 173.56 USD from 193.76 USD.


On October 20, the market cap of ETH coin was 18.997 billion USD, and over these last 30 days, it has been increased to 19.559 billion USD. It should be noted that as the value against USD, Ethereum’s market cap also has been full of fluctuations.

ETH’s 20 days and 50 days MAs are 177.83 USD and 180.50 USD, respectively. The current value of Ethereum is below both the moving averages. It hints at not so good days ahead for the coin. As per our prediction, Ethereum price may fall to the support of 174 USD soon.

Resistance and Support Levels

R1- $185.2666667, R2- $189.9733333, R3- $193.0166667

S1- $177.5166667, S2- $174.4733333, S3- $169.7666667

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