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Ethereum (ETH) Descend by 3% During Month-Long Movement

Ethereum’s price movement has been satisfactory for the traders. However, in recent days, the currency is disappointing. The coin is under extreme market pressure is showing no sign of improvement.

In the last 30-days, the ETH coin price moved from $174 to $169. During the same period, the coin touched a high of $195.94 USD and a low at $157.46.

Ethereum Price Prediction

Ethereum Price

The monthly movement in Ethereum started at $174. The coin dropped to $153 by 12.53%. The price escalated in the later hours and reached $197 by 28.72%. The currency dropped immediately after the same and touched $176 by 11.26%. Further, the price escalated to $191 by 9.8%. The coin fell to $182 by 4.67%. The coin closed the month at $182. The currency started improving during the first few days of November. The price jumped to $192 from $181 by 6.43%. Later, the Ethereum price fell to $182 by 5.11%. Further, the coin slipped to $177 from $189 by 6.30%. The downtrend continued and took the ETH coin to $169 from $186 by 9.39%.

As per the latest statistics, the Ethereum price is trading at $169. The coin has violated the immediate support level at $174, the next support level at $172, and the major support level at $170. The chances of improvement in Ethereum seems very thin.

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