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Ethereum (ETH) Registers 57% Upsurge in 30-days

Ethereum has marked steady upsurge all along the month. The fluctuation happened in recent days. The same is likely to go away soon. The coin is likely to have a great prospect of profit within the first quarter. Half of the same has passed, and so far, it is good. The rest quarter is anticipated to help the traders in recovering from previous losses. 

Ethereum Price Analysis

Ethereum (ETH) Price News

At the initial hours of January 21, the Ethereum price was at $167, and in the next two days, the coin was spotted slipping to $162. The escalation continued till $177 on January 29. The same remained in place, and the month closed at $180. February 2020 began with an upsurge, and the price on February 02 was at $190. The ETH coin remained at the same level until February 05. The price escalated to $223 by a massive hike of 17.36% in the next three days.

Ethereum price again locked at the same level till February 11. The momentum strengthened the uptrend, and the price touched $286, and then, it dropped to $245 by 14.22% fall. Later, ETH’s price improved again, and this time touched $284. On February 20, the coin was trading at $251 and continued to trade upside to reach $264. At the time of writing this analysis, Ethereum was trading at $259, and it might be seen breaching the $258 at any minute now.

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