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EOS Price Analysis: EOS prices down by 10% since past 3 days, next few days can be crucial for the coin.

On 26-July-19, EOS was priced at $4.44 at 03:40 UTC time. On the same day, it rose as high as $4.75 at 00:15 UTC time. At about 10:30 UTC on the same day, the coin witnessed a very sharp fall and prices fell to $4.30. Post 27-July-19 the prices of the coin have seen a downward trend with prices falling as low as $3.87 on 28-July-19. However, it seems to have gathered some momentum and has managed to rise to $4.26. The next few days and weeks will be crucial for the coin considering the manner in which it has performed over the past 5 days.

EOS price comparison is as given below:

Current Data of EOS:

  • Ranking of EOS is stable at number 8.
  • As per 07:00 UTC time today, market value of the coin was 3,946,275,710 USD.
  • EOS is valued at $4.26 at 07:17 UTC time.
  • 24-hour volume figures are $1,424,201,622
  • 925,465,399 EOS coins in circulation.
  • EOS offers a ROI of 312.64%.

EOS Price Comparison and Future prediction:

Comparing the price of the coin since 27-Jul-19 wherein the price was high as $4.75 at 00:15 UTC time and the current prices, the coin is reflecting a bearish trend by 10%.

We anticipate that EOS may continue to fall by tomorrow as well and may reach around $4.21. After about a week or so, the coin can be traded in the range of $4.4 and $4.65. However, it may take couple of more months for the coin to reach as high as its previous best of $4.75.

You may sell the coins as per the current trend noticed. Short term trading on the coin can also be done since there has not been any drastic fall as such in the prices of the coin. Despite the sharp falls, the coin has managed to rise upwards and over the past 3 days, the coin has managed to really up its performance levels and has reached $4.26.EOS has great potential ahead and by the next year it is expected to reach around $5.68 with more than 34% growth. All said and done, we truly believe that the coin will sooner or later bring back its efficiency levels in the coming times and continue to be great investment option to all its investors.

Pauline Dorsey

Pauline Dorsey is a finance graduate. He is also a cryptocurrency analyst. He works on cryptocurrency news and also guides people who invest or deal with cryptocurrencies. He has keen interest in reading historical books and learns new things.

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