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Ethereum (ETH) Rallies 22% During Year-Long Run

Ethereum is in its last quarter, and the first three quarters were power packed for the coin. The traders who have invested in the ETH must be aware of the movement in the coin. The currency is said to have great potential. The same has created a lot of loyal traders of the coin. Recently, Ethereum has started trading in a lower range. Yesterday, Ethereum was seen touching a high at $188.19 and a low at $182.34.

ETH/USD Price Chart

Ethereum Price

The above chart is reflecting that Ethereum is dealing in profit despite a heavy fall that started in July. In January, the price of ETH coin reflected downtrend of 25.30% as the price counters moved from $148 to $110. In February, Ethereum price started improving. There was a progression of 24.86% as the price touched $138. In March, the price touched $145 by 5.11%. The currency improved in April and touched $173. The escalation registered was 18.80%. In May, Ethereum jumped to $276 by a massive hike of 62.14%. The uptrend remained intact in June, and the price was seen touching $292 by 5.86%.

The downtrend started in July as the price dropped to $217 by 26.54%. The trend continued in the next month, too, and Ethereum price touched $170 with a loss of 21.61%. In September, ETH coin registered a recovery of 9.39% as the price reached $186. In October, the price dropped to $177 by 5%. In the ongoing month Ethereum has passed 18 days and brought recovery of 3.12%. The current price of Ethereum is $184.

Ethereum Price Prediction

Ethereum was seen touching astounding figures in July. From the third quarter, the coin started falling as the market was seen under huge pressure. The same affected the coin at large. However, analysts are quite positive that the currency would improve in the future.

For intraday traders, the current price is slightly tilted towards the immediate support level. There is a slight possibility that the coin might recover soon. The traders interested in the coin are recommended to opt for long-term investment to gain huge returns.

Resistance Level Price Support Level Price
R1 $188 S1 $182
R2 $191 S2 $179
R3 $193 S3 $176

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