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Ethereum (ETH) Exhibits 6% Loss in Month-long Run

The crypto market is spotted moving hastily at the moment. The price crashes are taking the coins to a much lower level than anticipated. The traders in the market are disappointed. They are looking forward to the improvement and are eyeing upon the top players like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, etc. Ethereum is currently shattered by the market trend. There is a strong possibility for the coin to slip to a lower level too.

Ethereum Price Analysis:

ETH coin started the month at $160. The price escalated to $198 by 24.18% in a few days. The last couple of days in the coin brought a downtrend of 8.13% and touched $182. The coin escalated to $194 at the beginning of November. The progression was 6.02%. The coin started falling henceforth. The counters dropped to $184, then $183, and finally to $139 by 5.29%, 0.53%, and 23.58%, respectively. The price of Ethereum escalated to $151 by 3% and is currently positioned at $149. 

Ethereum Price Chart

As per the above-given chart, the fall in the Ethereum price is tremendous. It would take some time for the coin to come out and shine. The traders expecting early recovery will have to wait. For intraday trading, ETH coin is spotted slowly sliding to the next support level at $148.84. The coin is currently at $149.

Resistance Level Price
R1 $171.99
R2 $ 182.52
R3 $ 188.83
Support Level Price
S1 $ 155.15
S2 $148.84
S3 $138.31

Ethereum is recommended for long-term investors as it is likely to give flourishing results by then. However, the traders are highly suggested to stay put as the current market condition is not favorable for investment.

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