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Ethereum (ETH) is Vulnerable Against Further Misfortunes

$195.43 was Ethereum’s trading price on August 23, 2019, with upward momentum. Soon after, there was a downfall of 15% on August 29, 2019.

ETH coin managed to gain some pace and showed growth by 31.49% dated September 19, 2019 with price being $221.65. 22.99% growth was shown by Ethereum between last few days of September and mid of October. However, bears got back their control and continue to dominate it.


Ethereum Price Analysis:

If we look at the recent declining movement of ETH coin, it recorded 17.13% drop as compared to the price of November 17. As per the current trend noticed, It may fall further shortly and get traded at its next support $150.

It is your wish to purchase few ETH coins. Bears have majorly controlled the coin over the past 3 months. Ethereum has a very good roadmap further for this year, and prices are expected to splurge soon.

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