Ethereum (ETH) Still Holds the Possibility of Improvement

Ethereum price is currently reflecting uptrend. The coin might breach the immediate resistance level at $188 in a few hours. The traders who have invested in ETH coin in the past must be aware of the movement. The coin is speculated to improve in the coming days and touch the astounding highs. The investment in […]

Coinbase UK Has Finally Made Settlement With The Victim of Email Phishing Attack

After two months, UK based cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has finally made the settlement with the man who lost Bitcoins worth million dollars in an email phishing attack. The man whose Bitcoins were stolen was the CEO of Alphabit Fund, Liam Robertson. According to the reports, Coinbase UK had made an undisclosed settlement with Liam to […]

Yesterday, the value of Verge escalated by 10% in less than 24 hours

Mass Adoption of Verge is in the news these days. Canada‚Äôs first published Blockchain and Digital Assets Magazine, Blockchain Business Magazine, has provided the free link to Verge Foundation on the same where Mass Adoption has been discussed lately. With more viewers to share the same, Verge might increase in terms of volume and supplies […]